The Journey Begins…

Beauty with a purpose“, a phrase coined by the Miss World Organization President, Julia Morley,more than 25 years ago and today is the motto by which I live. This past November I was having dinner with a friend and as always I was going on about my many endeavors and the many things I had to get done. In all the things mentioned my friend picked out two things, I enjoy volunteering and although not a fashion extraordinaire, I love to look good and take care of myself both physically and mentally. It was at this point that he jokingly suggested I participate in a pageant and what started off as a joke has turned out to be on the top of my personal goals for 2010.

Having done my research and found out what is required to participate in a pageant, I have decided to compete in a pageant that will be held in May in the Washington, DC area. It seems such a far stretch considering my prior opinion and thoughts on pageants. However I undersatnd now in retrospect that before one challenges or mocks something they should have grounds for this and a clear understanding of the issue they challenge. Where pageants are concerned I had neither of these, but forgive pageant world, for I knew not what I was doing.

I have decide to keep account of my pageant preparations ranging from; physical preparation, mental preparation, the charity work I will do in relation to the pageant and the never mentioned but important financial prep. (Gosh pageants are so expensive, I advocate we get tax write-offs for $$$ spent in preparation.) Without deflecting from the topic, my hope is that through this blog I will be well prepared and in some form become the total package. Preparing for the pageant- and I quote from former pageant winner, Shana Gammon, ” can make the difference between getting the participation award and winning the title.” With that let the games begin and may the best BEAUTY….TRIUMPH.


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