“My President is Black”…

…and so is Miss America 2010. Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron was crowned Saturday evening in her gorgeous yellow dress after dazzling the crowd with Beyonce’s “Listen” from the musical “Dreamgirls”. In the question and answer segment, she advocated for more outdoor activity for children to curb obesity.

While watching the show I actually felt myself go through the motions, right from beginning to end. Swimwear reminded me I need to reacquaint myself with crunches and lunges. I saw no flab or loose ends on any of the contestants, the gym instructor is about to become my best friend.

The evening wear segment really caught my eye, not so much when it was going on but later when the winner was crowned. It took me back six years ago to when  Ericka Dunlap was crowned Miss America as well in a yellow dress. Then thats when it hit me, for so long I have cracked my head trying to figure out what color dress I would wear. As unoriginal as it may sound for me to wear a yellow dress because a former and current Miss America (who happen to be both BLACK) did the same, I think it is wise on my part to follow suite. What do you guys think? Would yellow be a smashing color on my ebony skin?

Without digressing, back to Miss America, the TALENT segment. When I first announced I would take part in a pageant the first thing I was asked by friends was, “So, whats your talent?”. I have not fully decided on what I want to do and without giving away completely what I plan on doing for my talent I would love to hear what everyone thinks would be a unique talent.

Overall it was a great show, fun to watch and really has me pumped for my pageant preps. There will be many ideas I will be borrowing from the contestants. The night showcased women with tremendous Poise, Taste and Confidence. I am rearing to go and ready to strut across the stage to my Victory…the journey continues…


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