Partying for a Cause…

With February being the shortest month of the year it seems to have been jam-packed with events. The month kick started with the much-anticipated Superbowl, which went well with the Saints winning, much to my amusement, I heart Reggie Bush. Then there was Valentines Day, Mardi Gras and soon my Catholic friends will be observing Ash Wednesday and Lent. Wait did I forget the Winter Olympics in Vancouver???? well technically they do not count. I can bet my last dollar no one except the Canadians is watching the Winter games.

Well during this festive month my posse and I managed to entertain ourselves and still give back to a cause near and dear to my heart; African Health. I co-hosted a Pre-Valentines party, weekend of the Superbowl. Initially I was not sure at the response we would get from people with this event being a wine tasting and bachelorette auction. After much planning and praying [I had to take it up to the Man above] we were confident it would be a success.

The turn out was pretty impressive and made for a night full of laughs and an all around great experience.

The wine tasting went from sampling wine to wine drinking which is not necessarily a bad thing and makes for an extremely entertaining dance floor.

Thanks to generous donations we had a sufficient supply of red and white wines. Each guest was given a wine list of 42 different wines from across the globe and had the opportunity to try all 42. My favorite was a  red Spanish Estola Reserva made with the La Mancha Grape.

Nothing beats enjoying a glass of wine with delicious appetizers. Our caterer Vivian did an excellent job in serving up a storm. I could not keep my hands off the red velvet chocolate balls. Which has resulted in me having to do double time at the gym.

The highlight of the evening was the auctioning off of ladies who kindly volunteered to be put on the stake. I have to say they really deserve a round of applause because the entire process can be nerve wrecking to say the least. We had a fine bevy of females and a male ready to be sold in the name of charity.

The night ended well with all the ladies and the gentleman being auctioned off. For a first time event its safe to say it was a success and we hope to make this an annual event. I am already getting emails asking when next we will be partying for a cause!

I would like to give a few shoutouts to people who made this event a huge success, my man Graydezyn for making an awesome flyer and doing the final edit on the pictures. To my girl Agne for playing photographer, Vivian an awesome, awesome cook; I wake up at night and crave those cakeballs. Our famous DJ, DJ KB on the ones. The members of Alpha Kappa Psi for volunteering their time to serve the wine and double as ushers and security as well. My homegirl Isioma who was a wonderful cashier. All my people who came out to party for a cause and finally my wingman, the other half of this super awesome team Kodjo, who just like me was spamming all his friends inboxes with the flyer and put together all the behind the scenes aspects of the event that made it such a huge success.

Co-hosts: Thandi & Kodjo

“From quiet homes and first beginning, Out to the undiscovered ends, There is nothing worth the wear of winning, But laughter and the love of friends.Hilaire Belloc


4 thoughts on “Partying for a Cause…

  1. How is easy this can be, gathering up a group of friends to party and drink, all for a good cause, instead of the usual nights where we go out, get wasted and money goes into the wrong pockets, well done.

  2. “my man ” Good post, Tt. Wish you ALL sorts of success with the next event, but why not?- You’re so easy to work with.

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