Waving the Flag…

Down town Chicago was abuzz today after the BlackHawks brought home the Stanley Cup! Trying to navigate through Washington was next to impossible and my uninformed self attempted taking a cab down that street! It was much to my amazement to see the crowds gathered awaiting the parade to celebrate the victory of the Black Hawks. I personally am not a hockey fan and should be pardoned for my ignorance in regard to this subject. I was however on a totally different mission- making it to the World Cup Opening Game hosted by the South African Consulate.

Safe to say after sitting in traffic for over 20minutes I finally made it to Daley Plaza!!! I was immediately greeted by trumpeting sound of Vuvuzelas,  the beautiful Yellow and green South African jerseys and the massive crowd gathered to see South Africa take on Mexico. In all honesty I was one of the people who believed if you were not in South Africa, it was not worth watching the games, I however stand corrected.

Crowd at the Daley Plaza

My main purpose at the opening game was to volunteer and assist the South African Consulate, whether or not I fully achieved this goal is questionable! But all in good spirit.

Lovely volunteers in full World Cup Spirit

The South African Consulate had on display Vuvuzelas and Makarabas and other fan paraphernalia.

SA Consulate Display

The event attracted young and old, all there to show love and support for Bafana Bafana.

Young Soccer Lovers

Also present was Rotary International promoting the eradication of polio. The Kick Polio out of Africa campaign has gone viral in Africa, starting with Desmond Tutu signing the ball which has been circled around Africa. You too have the opportunity to sign the virtual ball online!

Kick Polio out of Africa Campaign

The energy of the crowd and the unity seen amongst all the spectators was contagious!


The World Cup going to African has been a big and significant event and I in particular am so excited that I lived during the period to witness this happen. After a blazing morning and vuvuzela blowing, South Africa and Mexico drew 1-1. It was an exciting event and I am glad I was privy to be a part of the celebrations!

Mexican/South African love

I declare the cup is coming home to Africa! I have my vuvuzela, my makaraba and my diski is on check…let the games BEGIN!

“When I get older, I will be stronger,

They’ll call me freedom just like a  wavin’ flag.” – K’Naan


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