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A single phrase that would best describe me is, “I have a passion for fashion and people,” which is why when I heard of AFR I was eager to join their team. Authentic Fashion Renaissance (AFR) was founded in 2009 as a social entrepreneurship firm. AFR has committed to donate 20% of its proceeds to charitable organizations in AFRica. The purchase of one shirt goes to educate one child in AFRica. Already the firm has made a contribution to Noah Orphans based in South Africa.


The brand seeks to provide unique sophisticated Afro-centric designs that will bring pride to their customers. In preparation for the brand’s official launch the firm has sort out Fashion Ambassadors to market and represent the brand. I was highly honored when I was asked to be an AFR Ambassador. Amongst other AFR Ambassadors is Zimbabwean born Australian Model Teurai Chanakira. Today I spent the day out and about with a friend and managed to capture some fun images in my “Spread the Love in AFRica” Tee, one of AFR‘s tshirts.

Thandi in an A.F.R Tee

AFR has decided to focus on t-shirts and polos as they enter the fashion industry. They hope to expand their designs to all different aspects of fashion in the near future.

Available online for $14.99

The Tees are playfully casual and yet still fashion forward.

Unisex tees in all sizes

The inaugral collection is coming soon. Be on the look out and get your own AFR Tee NOW!


8 thoughts on “Spread the love…

  1. OOOh girl you rOCK..like a Rock haA..im so proud of you really..u pushed me to do the exchange thingi..now thiss haaA itS on SiStER…
    LoVe ya**

  2. i think its a very good initiative to promote African Pride. In this fast paced and ever-changing world it is easy to lose sight of one roots, tradition and culture much to our own detriment. Africa has a lot to offer the world, though the key is for us to acknowledge it and actively promote it. i salute you fellow comrades, keep up the good work.

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