I give, I live, I move…

Late this summer after a rather unfortunate accident, I wound up in a hospital ER with an injury on my thigh after impaling it on a sharp-edged metal rod. For two weeks I was unable to walk or move about, I had a new-found appreciation for my mobility and vowed that as soon as I was back up to speed, I would put my legs to good use. I initially had the ambitious goal of training for a marathon but quickly realized Rome was not built-in one day and had to reset my goal and be a bit more realistic. It was with this mindset that I signed up for the 5K AIDS Walk/Run. This could be a great starting point and a good way to give back to a cause I passionate about :THE FIGHT AGAINST HIV/AIDS.

The student chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) partnered with me in our efforts to raise funds for the Chicago AIDS Foundation as well as to be my team members in the 5K.  The Walk/ Run was held on October 2nd in Grant Park in Chicago.

"NABA Team"

Although temperatures were really low and there were occasional showers of rain everyone turned out with a great attitude, ready to go.

"In good spirits, with the Foundation Cheerleaders"

The Walk/Run which was open to all people was established in 2001, AIDS Run and Walk Chicago has raised more than $3 million net to fight HIV/AIDS. With our participation, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago will continue as a local and national leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS and support more than 150 Chicagoland HIV/AIDS service organizations whose work is so invaluable to this cause. Along the course were different forms of entertainment and support cheering us on!

"With the Cowboy line dancers"
"DJ Thandi on the ones and twos"

Along the way I spotted a number of ladies participating in the event wearing red pumps. I later found out they were with The Red Pump Project. The Red Pump project is a national initiative that is doing work on the ground and online to ensure that women are empowered with knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the issues surrounding it. They have 30 ambassadors in 20 states “Rocking the Red Pump” to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women & girls. MORE POWER TO THEM!

"Rocking the Red Pump"

The 5K was a great success and like all things good it came to an end. I would like to thank the members of NABA for participating in the event with me, as well as everyone who made a generous contribution towards the cause.

Finish Line...

Methinks that the moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow.”
– Henry David Thoreau


5 thoughts on “I give, I live, I move…

  1. So wonderful! It inspires me to see how with God’s help you took a painful accident and did something amazing with it. I’ll be back in Chicago for a few weeks in January, girl! Can’t wait to see your beautiful face.

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