Let’s Go Forward

Assuming children worldwide had full access to quality education where would we be as a people? The majority of individuals reading this blog has atleast completed secondary education and is pursuing or has pursued tertiary education. It goes without saying most people value education and recognizes it as a key to opening many doors. It was in light of this that I chose to commit my time to investing in the lives of young people. I had the hope of making a lasting impression and an impact on their educational journey.

In January of this year I began working at Masiyephambili College, a private high school in Bulawayo. I had the privilege of teaching Advanced Level Business Studies and Economics. Having worked with high school aged children before instructing financial literacy I was well prepared for this task.

Sixth Form Economics Students with Thandi aka Ms. Muringa

MasiyephambiliCollege has great significance in my life. This high school which is the only Black funded CHISZ institute in Zimbabwe is also where I began my high school. Though I did not complete my education there, it shaped who I have since become and created friendships that I value.

Student reading an article on Delta Beverages for an Operations Management Project

The three months I spent at Masiyephambili have left an indelible mark in my life and will treasure the time I spent there as well as the impact the children I was teaching had on me. The first time I stood in front of the class I was taken aback to when I was in form 1 it was from there that I realized the great role I had to play.

Students at Inter-house athletics

I had so many laughs and began to appreciate the amount of work teachers put in to their work. Admittedly there were days I did not want to wake up to go to school but the faces of the students were always the motivation to go.

Cheering on the students at a sports event

Teaching in Zimbabwe does bring with it its own challenges. Although Masiyephambili is a private school, resources are still limited but they have mastered to do their best with what is available. There were days when doing research online was hindered by a network outage or another class using the shared computers during that time. Personally I found myself getting frustrated by I was always encouraged by the students who always reminded me it could be worse.

Assisting students in the computer lab with research

Children are a source of joy, between the petty high school girl squabbles, classroom gossip and excitement about upcoming Valentines Day there is never a dull moment. Being able to provide a safe environment where children can flourish and achieve their goals is essential. I believe Masiyephambili has done this well and continues to improve on the quality of education offered.

Most of you may never have the chance to stand in front of a class and teach but you too can play a role in positively impacting the educational system in Zimbabwe. There are many schools across the nation with very limited resources. Most do not have text books, tables, chairs and in some instances classrooms. With the resources available to you, you can mobilize fundraising efforts to aid schools in Zimbabwe. A status update on your facebook or a 140 character update on twitter could bring to light some of the disparities that exist in our educational system. Take a stand today and make a difference in your own way! Tweet about it, blog about it, facebook your friends, organize an event and party for cause, however you choose DO SOMETHING. I believe we have made it this far because someone cared…be the change you believe in and invest in our future-OUR CHILDREN.

“Masiyephambili and never stop moving! “


7 thoughts on “Let’s Go Forward

  1. Hey girl–so this is what you’ve been doing with yourself! So amazing, you are definitely leaving your mark. My only sadness is that you won’t be at LCI when I am back there for the summer. But until we meet again–keep going forward, friend!

  2. Although I can imagine that you have faced challenges, the fact that you rose above it just shows that you are doing a great job. Well done and keep up the good work!

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