Crushing the Stigma

Davies Granite is a Premier Stone crusher with operations in four locations in the country namely Harare, Gweru, Marondera, Hwange and the Head Office in Bulawayo.  In 2008 one of the company’s employees Veronica Stanley a registered nurse in Zimbabwe started an AIDS Campaign to raise awareness among the Quarry workers. Many of the men who work blasting stone and crushing it in the quarries had little to no knowledge on the dangers of HIV and the long term effect it has.

"Employees of Davis Granite"

In partnership with the Matabeleland AIDS Council Davis Granite started giving educational seminars to all the staff of Davis Granite as well as free HIV/AIDS testing and counselling. Men living with HIV spoke to the female staff and women living with HIV spoke to the men. The company was awarded, “Best HIV/AIDS Awareness Program” in the Matabeleland region in 2009 and 2010 by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce ZNCC.

Davis Granite last year had their first Sports Day Fundraiser held at Sizane High School which is close to the Bulawayo quarry. The day involves teams competing in Netball, Soccer as well as a tug of war. The company has a team that participates in all three disciplines. Staff members, who are not participating in the sports, volunteer in different capacities throughout the day.   The funds raised from the day go to aiding HIV Orphans from the area.

One of the shields at the Sports Day

The event which has become an annual event was held again recently here in Bulawayo. I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside the staff of Davis Granite. The day was fun filled, with music, good food and great entertainment from the various games going on.

Thandi & Monde with one of the Soccer Teams

Also in attendance were Cuban doctors who have been in the country for two years working in areas of AIDS related work. They gave a quick tutorial of Spanish and I am sure everyone in attendance can at least say hello and how are you in Spanish. They were very keen to learn some of the dance moves being done by the kids and by the end of the day they had mastered the “Bumper Side-to-Side” (a popular House music dance)

The Cuban Doctors enjoying a laugh with some of the children
Some of the staff members children dancing

The event brought together people from all walks of life, all in aid of HIV/AIDS awareness. To become a sponsor, volunteer or a participant in next year’s event call: Veronica Stanley at Davis Granite on +2639406343

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery


One thought on “Crushing the Stigma

  1. with the epidemic threatening to reverse the gains in all the sectors of our economy, it is enthralling to see the private sector also putting HIV and AIDS high up on their priority lists. it is irrefutable that HIV and AIDS has the potential of wiping out humanity and the companies should take a leaf from what Davis Granite is doing in trying to address the epidemic not only at the work-place but also in the community that the company is operating from.
    we salute you guys and hope that you keep-on doing such a marvellous job.

    from a frontline human rights defender

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