Journey to Miss Earth 2011…

Its official, bring out the party hats and whistles, I will be representing  Zimbabwe in this year’s Miss Earth Pageant. The contest which is scheduled to be held in December in Bangkok, Thailand is the third largest pageant behind Miss World and the Miss Universe Pageants.

I am extremely excited to be representing my beautiful nation in a pageant that promotes the greening of our environment and the preservation of our Mother Earth. My goal is to see the reforestation of Zimbabwe through tree planting in both urban and rural areas.

Please follow me on twitter @Ndi_Baybay for more updates leading up to the final day of the contest as well as information on how to get involved with my environmental projects around Zimbabwe.

"Thandi Muringa"

“A tree today, a forest tomorrow”


6 thoughts on “Journey to Miss Earth 2011…

  1. WOW Em! When & Where??? I’ll look into flights today! 😀 You’re my little princess! We miss you so much – me especially! Love You!!!

      1. good luck, i m sure a lot of ppl appreciate the work you doing with the less fortunate:-) u making a huge contribution

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