A forest in a school…

Mganwini Primary School

We visited Mganwini Primary School on Monday. This was by far my favourite school of all the ones we visited. The school which looks like a forest is green and has trees and grass everywhere. I was well impressed because they have done a great job in caring for their school and observing sustainable methods of permaculture.

Sixth Grade Students

We were welcomed by the Deputy Headmistress and the Grade Six students. The teacher in charge of the Environmental Club gave us a tour of school and described to me some of the herbs they were growing on their school grounds.

Herbs growing in the school

I planted the Jatropha Tree also known as the Diesel Plant tree. Also planted at the school were the Moringa tree (Not to be confused with my last name Muringa lol), the Snot Apple Tree (uxakuxaku), the Kigalia Africana (National Tree for 2011) and various species of fruit trees.

Planting the Jatropha Plant
A student watering the Duranta Ripens plant

After the tree planting the students expressed they had questions to ask.  I assumed the questions would be about the environment and tree planting, however it was not so. The children wanted to know my favourite color, where I went to school. On girl asked what my favourite food was, my response: Sushi. After explaining that sushi was raw fish they all looked slightly bothered. However my favourite question of all was: When are you getting married? I laughed for about 2minutes, to which I responded, before I can think of marriage I should have someone to get married too.

Question & Answer Session

The children of Mganwini were truly a delight and as a send off they performed a dance for me. I attempted to dance along; needless to say I failed terribly. However Rome was not built in a day and I continue to press on.

Thank you Mganwini school for such a great reception but especially for leading by such a great example and loving your school by keeping  it GREEN!


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