We have come far…

Msitheli High School

Charity begins at home. This statement has resonated with me throughout the past  11months I have spent in Zimbabwe. Unbeknown to me one of the schools selected for the tree planting was Msitheli High School. The school has so much significance in my life! It is where my father attended High School over 35years ago!

My Dad Ricky N. Muringa

When we arrived at the school, I was taken aback by the little form one boys carrying shovels and watering cans rushing to site where we were planting trees.  I couldn’t help but imagine those zealous faces as being my father many years ago. I struggled to hold back the tears as I thought how far my father has come along. From a young man from Matshobana to a proud father of three who has provided his children with the best of education and all the wonderful things one could ever ask for. The son of a Railway Worker now accomplished came from this very school I was planting trees at.

A view of the classroom block from the field

Form one Boys gathered to observe the tree planting

When I told the Headmaster about my brief history he was delighted and made the announcement to all the children. After planting the trees he asked for me to share about my father’s life. I am convinced that the short talk about how my father grew up where they did, attended the same school they went to and has become the man he is today, motivated some and has given them the drive to reach for the stars.

Planting a Peach Tree in the orchard

In all my years I had never been to the school that my father attended however this tree planting exercise allowed seeing and walking through the school that shaped my father into the man he is today. I have so much appreciation for Msitheli High School. The values and lessons taught to my father at that school have determined the path his life took and inevitabily influenced mine too.

With the Principal and Students of Msitheli




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