Driving the Economy…

There is nothing more refreshing, than setting out on a road trip through the open grasslands of Zimbabwe. A while ago we took to the road with upcoming rapper TehnDiamond  and members of the Defzee Team


First things first we had to stop for gas (fuel).  We gave no thought to the fuel station selected and ended up at BP station. While there we discovered something we were not aware of but did become a significant part of our journey.

For the first time we were all introduced to the Blend Fuel with 10% ETHANOL.  This blend fuel is locally produced by Green Fuel. Green Fuel uses the latest plant and distillation technologies to produce anhydrous ethanol.  Ethanol blends of 10% and up to 25% are safe for use in all petrol vehicles.


What really caught my attention was that this ethanol is 100% Zimbabwean!!!! Green Fuel ethanol is produced locally from sugar cane grown in Zimbabwe. Already the project has created over 4500 jobs in agriculture and is offering training and skills development in new technologies adopted from Brazil.

This safe and clean transportation fuel will reduce pump prices and bring significant benefits to our economy, individuals and businesses included. The production of ethanol locally could see the potential reduction of fuel importation and transportation costs.

Image The greatest thing about this new generation biofuel is that it uses ethanol which is known to be a clean burning fuel that reduces air pollution. Additionally ethanol decreases greenhouse gas emissions by over 60% and as high as 90% in some cases. The blended fuel also offers a higher octane rating and improved performance for petrol vehicles.

We drove from Harare all the way to Bulawayo without having to refuel along the way. Once we arrived in Bulawayo we were concerned about switching back to regular fuel however it is easy and safe to switch between blend and 100% petrol.

The International Energy Agency stated that, “Bio-fuels, whether used individually or blended with other fuels, improve air quality”.  So next time you fuel up with Green Fuel feel good as you are playing your part toward a greener Zimbabwe! A green revolution in Zimbabwe will drive economic growth and reduce our Carbon Footprint!


5 thoughts on “Driving the Economy…

  1. Amazing blessings – Kris Vallaton was prophesying on Sunday night that there was a new wave of innovation coming from the countries of the world (not just the US) and I’m so excited to hear how God is blessing your homeland through you and those like you leading the country to wonderful new green ways.

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