The Last Moments…

Its November 14, 3.37pm CAT and I am exactly 24hours away from turning 25! My mother always tells me I was born November 15th at about 3pm after a lovely church service. A blessing she calls me because I was born on a Sunday.

A few days back I was doing an audit of my life and I was feeling kinda blue till I decided I would look at the glass as being half full instead  of half empty! So these are the last moments before I leap over to the big 25…what have I done thus far?

2012 has proven to be a very interesting year with many highs and an equal number of lows. The year started with uncertainty with which path I should take and what to do! Having competed in the Miss Earth International Competition and placing as one of the top 8 contestants, I hadn’t really figured what the next step would be after Miss Earth!

“After being announced as a top 8 finalist at the Miss Earth Final competition”

A few months into the year I took on a building project! I had challenged myself to manage the construction of a friend’s house in 30days. The first few days were absolutely exhilarating, seeing the concrete being poured into the foundation, the walls gradually coming up, reaching window level, then finally seeing  all the walls fully up. By day 29 I had lost momentum as I realized we were nowhere near completing the house. I quickly discovered a house is more than brick and mortar. I had  to get the building inspected. Countless walks up and down the Tower Block at the City Council, I discovered managing workers is not a walk in the park. (I received a call early one morning informing me my builders had been arrested for fighting with a neighbour and I had to go bail them out of jail) I had to manage the funds to ensure materials were always available and that the workers were always paid. I soon discovered a peplum dress and 6inch heels were not the appropriate attire for a construction site. The project stretched longer than anticipated. Who knew I would be purchasing conduits and brick force??? Needless to say it was such joy to see the walls plastered, the tiles neatly laid and each corner of the house complete. Although patience is not my strongest character trait, I learned that I am one tough cookie to crack. There were days material was delivered and I had to carry it myself. I had to stand hours in the sun while over ten thousand bricks were being delivered to ensure none were stolen….so in short I came, I built, I CONQUERED!

Shortly after I switched roles from being beauty queen to pageant director!

Speaking about the importance of Recycling at a local school

Am sure you thinking how hard could it be to run a pageant????? Its not hard, it can prove next to impossible…however somehow I pulled it off. The search for models to participate in the Miss Earth Zimbabwe 2012 contest was probably the best part of the whole process. I met so many young women from all over Zimbabwe. All with the hope of becoming the next Miss Earth. Our country has so many beautiful and ambitious young women who have had to overcome many barriers to be where they are now. I met university students, high school students, graduates, environmental advocates. I was inspired by the applications I read. It was the motivation I needed to keep at it.

Many people asked me why I was burdening myself with the task of running a pageant??? After all there is so many pageants in Zimbabwe, people are tired of those and no one will support it. True to popular opinion the support for our pageant was not great. This however was not going to deter me and October 6th we held a successful pageant in Bulawayo and selected a wonderful young woman to represent Zimbabwe at the International Miss Earth Pageant.

The Contest of Miss Earth Zimbabwe during a swimsuit shoot in Matopos

It was such an amazing moment as I crowned the winner. I looked back to all the hurdles I had to overcome. All the difficulties I had encountered along the way seemed to fade away as I looked on the glowing faces of the young women who had just been crowned winners. Our queen has travelled to the Philippines and on the 24th of November will compete in the final competition and I wish her all the best!

I had the exciting opportunity to attend the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa. I enjoyed the Dax Martin Burg Collection show.I met the wonderful Dr Precious Motsepe and her husband Patrice Motsepe… I hung out with supersports’ Rob Marawa. Fun evening indeed.

After the show with Designer Dax Martin and Miss South Africa Melinda Bam

Many have asked when you are not tweeting and updating your Facebook status about pageants what do you do??? I always smile and say “Finance”. Finance is such a broad term and before I am mistaken for a loan shark I would like to clarify that I have a regular, uneventful 9-5 that keeps me occupied. Lately I have found that since the pressure of Miss Earth has let down my work has picked up and often I find myself sitting at my desk till late in the evening! But hey baby steps…I have always been told to live like a Queen one must work like a slave.

At age 18 when I left home to go study in Chicago I figured I would end up an analyst on Wall St and by age 25 I would be applying to study towards an MBA at an Ivy League school. However I am in my hometown of Bulawayo. Modelling, pageantry had never been in my plans (to be honest I used to mock beauty pageants) In retrospect I am a better woman for the decisions I have taken. The last couple of years have given me a platform to influence my community and especially young women. I can never place a figure on the number of people whose lives have changed because of the actions I choose to make on a daily basis but even if its one person I can proudly say in my 24years and 364days of living I have made a difference in someone else’s life.

This has been the best quarter century and am looking forward to an even better future. To all the people who contribute daily to my success, to my happiness and who love me unconditionally THANK YOU! I picked up a book a while ago in it was inscribed,

“To whoever reads this book I hope you are blessed. This book was a gift from my daughter Thandekile Emmah Muringa who was born November 15 1987. The day she was born, the doctor who delivered her said to me: I woke up today and put on my special white suit and I knew I would deliver a special baby. We named her Thandekile because she is loved and just as Dr Ferguson said, she has been nothing but special”

The biggest thank you to my mother! You are my pillar of strength and I love you very much! I do everything with confidence because I know you always have my back!

Wow 25 here I come…..I hope in a few months like Drake I can say,

“I’m 25 sitting on 25 MIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


6 thoughts on “The Last Moments…

  1. Happy birthday, you have grown and indeed you are special. Keep up the good work and never stop smiling. You have a great character, open to people and i am sure fun to be with.

  2. really inspiring…it has always been a pleasure to work with you Thandi. Success is certain and i wish you such!!! Mwari vakubatsire!!

  3. Incredibly inspiring an motivating post, i see you not only got beauty,brains but a bright future as well, so keep doing your thing girl…

  4. Congratulations on your birthday! Let me say from your few years thus far, you have achieved much more than people way older than yourself, and that is a solid foundations on which to build for the future… All the best from us @ AFTER GOD’S HEART.

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