Big Clean up!

This past weekend Bulawayo came alive with the big clean up held in the city centre. It is a great step in the positive direction to see our fellow country men take responsibility for our country’s cleanliness. Litter causes pollution and most of the rubbish we leave lying around can take up to 100years to fully decompose.

The day started off with addresses by both the Mayor of Bulawayo Thaba Moyo and the Minister of Environment and Natural resources Francis Nhema. They both touched on the importance of taking responsibility for keeping our city clean and raising awareness of reducing litter and recycling!


Many residents of the city came out to clean the CBD of Bulawayo. Amongst them were school children, local councillors, corporates and organizations involved with Environmental awareness. One of the key issues being addressed was that of separation at source of waste. It is no longer enough to just pick up litter. The rubbish needs to be separated; plastic, paper, cans and bottles, and biodegradable waste. This allows for efficient recycling and proper disposal of waste.

We were spilt up into teams that went into the city with different bins to sweep the streets, pick litter and ensure the public is made aware of the importance of separating waste.


It was interesting to see the response of bystanders to our cleaning. Some wanted to know why we were doing it and what purpose it achieved. Some exclaimed that this was only a temporary fix and the streets would soon be filled with litter. However the important aspect of the clean up is raising awareness. The more people see others taking responsibility for the cleanliness of our city the sooner we will be able to achieve individual responsibility to keep our city clean!

The theme of the clean up was “My City, My Responsibility, My Pride”. Initiatives like street clean ups will eventually lead to dynamic change on the overall landscape of Bulawayo. Congratulations to the people of Bulawayo who took the responsibility to restore the dignity of our city! A job well done!



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