of the groove…

One of Bulawayo’s best kept secrets is the recently refurbished bar/lounge- The Groove. Previously known as the “Basement”, The Groove is located in the Basement of the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel. The lounge is in a key location in the city, minutes away from Bulawayo’s diverse night scene. Just across the street is the famous Safari Bar, next to it is Dickies Traditional Kitchen and a walking distance away is “The Lounge”. However the new look “The Groove” brings a refreshing atmosphere to the area that already has three thriving establishments within a 100metre radius. Its a definite must see.


The upscale establishment attracts a younger and vibrant crowd and its convenient location makes accessing the spot very easy. Although its centrally located it is still very exclusive and is a great place to go hang and have drinks with friends.


The lounge setting creates an intimate atmosphere great for couples and friends who want to share conversation while listening to the live jazz performance offered at the establishment.


The Groove has a recurring Afro-Jazz theme as seen by the images displayed on the walls! The backdrop of the performance stage is a stunning image of South African Jazz Sensation Hugh Masekela. Images of other artists such as Zimbabwean Legend Oliver Mutukudzi as well as the Great Fela Kuti can be seen in the beautifully decorated lounge!



Thursday nights offer the best experience at the lounge! With acoustic style performances as well as a mature crowd. The establishment offers platters and specialty cocktails. For a change of scenery from Bulawayo’s usual night scene, check out The Groove!



I would give this place a definite 8 out of 10! Check it out and let me know what you think!


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