About the weekend

I went out for the first time in 2015 this past weekend. Having made certain resolutions that were easier to keep if I kept a low profile I was not trying to tempt fate by being out and about for most of January!

This weekend the City of Kings and Queens was graced by Tehn Diamond and Take Fizzo of Few Kings. The pair were in the city to perform at an after party for a cosmetics launch held in Bulawayo.

The after party was held at Horizon Club in the heart of the city. As I mentioned I have not been out for a while now and could barely recognize most of the faces in the crowd. Its either am getting real old or a new breed of party goers was in full attendance at the club.

Tehn is no stranger to Bulawayo, having shot his music video for “Grown Up Kid” in the city, as well as performing with Junior Brown and Take Fizzo at the NAMAs in 2013 held at City Hall.

I have been dying to see Tehn and Fizzo perform in Bulawayo. I have seen some of their performances in Harare but missed their NAMA performance two years back.


The set was very lively and the young crowd gathered around the performance area seemed to know each song that was being performed and sang along with much enthusiasm!


There is no denying the energy of Take Fizzo, who though on the decks for the entire performance kept the crowd pumped up and entertained! He is so fun to watch and makes you just want to get up and dance!


Among others performing at the party were my Bulawayo favs ” The Djembe Monks”. I love these guys and they never disappoint!


Overall the night was a different experience for me. It was interesting to see a whole other group of Bulawayo people I never see out and see how they party and have a good time.

There also seemed to be a lot of cameras flashing and recording going on, with several interviews going on simultaneously!  Excited to see where all this footage will be aired and is this heralding the rise of new tv shows for the Bulawayo community?  And if so I am keen to know what the audience’s response will be to what seems to be young and hip entertainment shows!

Cant wait for the next big event in Bulawayo!  

Photo Credits: Byo Reloaded


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