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Crocs and Cages

Life is too short to live too cautiously! At times its necessary to throw caution to the wind and live a little!

Not too long ago during a visit to the magnificent Victoria Falls, I came across a fun, adrenaline pumping activity to do: Crocodile Cage Diving.


I had seen people before go cage diving with sharks but nothing with crocodiles. I thought this would be a fun adventure and so I signed up!

The Crocodile Cage Diving can be done at Elephant’s Walk Craft Centre in Victoria Falls town.


There is a big pool with about 4 fully grown Crocodiles. The participants ascend onto a platform with a metal cage and then are lowered into the pool to interact with the Crocodiles.


Before any of the activities, a certified diver instructed me on how to use the under water breathing apparatus. My biggest concern was being stuck underwater and being unable to breathe. However the cage has an opening at the top which ensures at any point the participants can come up if they fail to breathe or encounter any other challenge while under water


Once I had mastered the breathing the cage was further lowered into the water such that we were fully submerged in the water. This is when the fun really begins. You come face to face with the crocodiles which are swimming around the cage. One has to be cautious to not stick any body parts out of the cage or else you will be devoured by a crocodile


During the 30-40minutes we spent underwater I just played around in the cage, more fascinated that I could stay down there so long. During the dive you get to feed raw meat to the crocs and its exhilarating how they grab the meat off the stick with such vigor! When the croc swims above the cage you can rub its belly (or get your hand chewed off) I rubbed the belly and managed to keep my hand (well done to me)

After a while I was a bit bored cause nothing really was happening…besides three extra large crocs circling a cage we were in, looking like they were ready to feast on us. The dive can be done by three adults and a certified diver. I think if I had gone with more people I would have enjoyed the experience more.


Overall the experience was fun, different and is a definite must do when one visits the falls. Did I mention its a great way to cool off on an extremely hot day!

“Together we all live every moment
On the very brink; The razor’s edge Of ecstasy or disaster.”
Scott Hastie