Who is Queen of Skies

I’m Thandi the self-proclaimed “Queen of Skies”. I was born in the beautiful city of Kings and Queens, and after spending a few years abroad I returned to rekindle the flame with my first love- Bulawayo best known as “Skies”. I love my city and my city loves me right back!

Bulawayo which for years was known as “KoNtuthu Ziyathunqa” the place of the bellowing smoke, is more than just the second city to me, or Zimbabwe’s former Industrial Capital, it is my home. The one place I have always felt I belong and the one place I have confidence to always return to.

While I cannot change people’s perceptions and views of my beautiful city, I hand over all control to them if I allow others to tell the story of my home! It is my humble attempt to share with the world the beauty and the majesty of our city, the challenges we face and the different stories of the great men and women who call this place home.

This blog is a journey of discovery and learning as I unearth the many layers and facets of this complicated yet intriguing place we call Bulawayo. I do not claim to be an expert on all issues pertaining to the City of Queens and Kings however I hope through my experiences to change existing stereotypes about the city of Bulawayo. To share my personal journey and to allow you to see Bulawayo through my eyes, to feel its heart beat with my soul, to walk through its dusty streets with my feet, to touch its defined and fragile contours with my hands and ultimately to hear its roaring cry for freedom with my ears!  I may surprise you, offend you and at times entertain you but my goal is to enlighten you by enlightening myself!

I am loudly and proudly Zimbabwean! My love for my country is reflected through my desire to be an ambassador for one of Zimbabwe’s best kept secrets- BULAWAYO

“The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


28 thoughts on “Who is Queen of Skies

  1. Congratulations probably only the 4th Zimbabwean i have heard of in the Chitown.Great blog doing my grad school in downtown Chicago but i was actually on Michigan avenue celebrating the Blackhawks win. Send me an email its good to know there are more Zimbos in Chicago.

  2. hey Miss Thandi….this is really great….will be following every step, u so inspirational…I m so proud of you and you have done great job. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, God is certainly using you greatly in your country. I always had a feeling the Lord had plans for you in your home, although we miss you here in the US, you are doing a beautiful work for God, beautiful woman of God!

  4. This is lovely…I also have a similar post…maybe you can check it out sometime :)…I also had the same revelation that our biological identity does not define us in any way…We are defined by our traits, our unique characteristics (the one thing that your friends will say ‘That is soooo Thandi’ because it singles you out from your group of peers) and the most crucial definition one can have in their life is your PURPOSE. Once you know your purpose peace settles over you and you become the best you that you can be and not the sub-standard you that you’ve been living as before discovering your UNIQUE PURPOSE.

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